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By using or purchasing services by Zoonlog (zoonlog.net), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


When placing an order, either by using the form on the web site or via email to post@zoonlog.no, the customer must pay for atleast one annual fee of the domain. When ordering more than one domains via email, a confirmation will be asked for before we register the domains.

Domain Package

A "domain package" is included when registering one or more domains. This will give access to an account with 10 MB storage, and can be used for web sites, one email account and general administration of the domains. If more than one domain are registered, all domains will be addded to this account. The customer must contact us if they want to have different accounts for two or more domains.

Domain Pricing

We reserve the possibility of errors in the listing, and will always ask for confirmation from the customer if the price of the domain has changed in-between the order was placed and registration of the domain is being prepared. Domains are invoiced in advance at the start of a new one-year term.

Cancelation of Domains

The customer can cancel a domain anytime, and we will specify at our registrar that the domain is not to be renewed for a new one-year term. The customer will own the domain until the renewal date. To avoid having to pay for more annual fees than neccessary, the domain has to be canceled atleast two months before the renewal date. Each domain will have its one-year term specified on the invoice.

Domain Search

If a domain is listed as available or not registered, there will be certain instances where the domain name can not be registered. Some domain names are not allowed under every top-level domain and there exists also so-called "premium" domain names which can not be registered by us.

It is forbidden to misuse the search service by mass collecting information about individual and organizations or to copy information directly from the WHOIS-database. The service is only there for personal use when you need to search for and register a domain name, or wishes to know who is currently owning a domain. There is a limit for how many searches a visitor (IP-address) can perform and this could lead to a short lock-down period of the search service for the visitor.

We will never store domain names or any other text that is given during a search.

Web Hosting and Email Accounts

Web hosting and email accounts ("account") are invoiced in advance with an annual fee. Cost of accounts beyond the "domain package" account included with domain registration, must be agreed upon with each customer individually.

We reserve the right to close without a warning an account if we feel it is being misused. Examples of misuse can be: heavy resource usage, sending of spam or if the content could possible be considered offensive. We can not guarantee a certain level of uptime for our services and accounts.

The customer must have its own copy or backup of files and other data stored on its account. Backup on our servers is performed once every 48 hour. The use of such a backup is only to be used if there are server failures or other emergencies.

It is the customer's own responsibility to keep any web software (Wordpress, Joomla etc) up to date to avoid security issues. We reserve the right to shut down an account using software with known security issues.

Cancellation of An Account

The customer can at any time cancel its account. We will then credit the customer the amount remaining for the current term. If the customer is also going to cancel one or more domains associated with the account, the cancellation must be given to us atleast two months before renewal date, as explained above under "Cancelation of Domains". If the customer wants to keep one or more domains, the account will be converted to a "domain package" account with 10 MB storage.


Support on our services is given in the form of technical information under zoonlog.net/konto, or by sending us email, SMS or calling us on the given email-address and phone number at zoonlog.net/konto. Response on support inquiries will normally be given within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Remote Support

A customer has access to free remote support when having one or more accounts with us. Otherwise, remote support has a cost of 245.00 NOK/hour, with a minimum cost of 90.00 NOK as long as the customer's problem is solved. Unsolved issues are not invoiced. Invoice is sent to the customer's email address shortly after the remote support session has ended.

Both us and the customer can at any time cancel a support session and the customer is not invoiced if the problem was not solved during the session.

The software used for remote support always uses an encrypted and secure connection, and data or other kinds of information is not stored during or after the session. It is the customer's own responsibility to have backup of their data and we do not take responsibility of any loss of data during a support session.